Many students struggle in school because they lack the following skills:

  • study skills

  • executive functions

  • time management

  • focus

  • task management

  • project management

  • organization

  • note-taking/annotating

  • productivity

  • ADHD management

Without these critical skills, it's harder to learn and succeed.

When you have solid school habits and skills, it becomes easier to learn.


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Learn How to Study Smarter, Manage Your Time,
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In this comprehensive, step-by-step course, students will learn study skills, organization systems, and time management strategies to become confident, independent, and prepared for school and beyond.


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Target and Build Your Core Executive Functions

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The Executive Function Journal

A 90-day journal that target and builds core executive functions through self awareness so that you or your child can operate independently and succeed confidently. This is not another journal. 


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